Water Flow for the Playdate

Water Flow is a puzzle game for the Panic Playdate in the style of Pipe or Ant run.

Connect the pipes so that the water can flow to the target field. If the playing board is left at an edge, the flow continues on the opposite side and all used fields are renewed. But be aware: the new field can also be a blocked field!


  • 70 challenging level
  • Special fields:
    • non rotating fields
    • blocked fields
    • mandatory fields
    • countdown: Converts to a new field after renewing the board x times
    • random: Converts to line, curve or cross when flow enters
  • Endless mode for highscore hunters
  • Create your own levels with the level editor
  • Dark mode


Use D-Pad to navigate, A Button to rotate a field and B to change the flow speed.
You can also use the crank to control the flow speed.

Available in Playdate Catalog

Version History

  • Version 1.1
    • 16 new level
    • New field: random
    • Dark Mode
    • New start menu
  • Version 1.2
    • 4 new level
    • New level type: multiple start fields
    • B button to change water flow speed
    • Extension of How to Play
    • Crank through highscore list
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